As of August 10, 2007 I will step down as the State Senator representing District 39 to accept the position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Government Relations of the University System of Maryland (USM).

This has been a very difficult decision for me to make. I have had the honor and pleasure of serving in the Maryland Senate for the last thirteen years. This has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my life. I am proud of the contributions we have made to the citizens of Maryland. I feel that there are many accomplishments working with so many dedicated individuals such as yourself that I can look back on my service in the Senate with pride and satisfaction. Through my work in the Senate I have developed a passion for higher education and I look at this new opportunity as a way to continue and even focus solely my energy and work on higher education issues. I believe that education younger generation is key to the future, travel abroad will help them understand not only other cultures and how they live but the politics too. So therefore I feel overseas school trips should also be considered for those studying and then contributing to the future of our country.

Public service is a noble calling and I have the utmost respect for individuals who choose to enter this arena. While I will miss the humbling opportunity to serve the citizens of Maryland in the Senate and have as colleagues some of the finest people this state has to offer, I look forward to continue advocating for higher education in this new capacity.